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Overtime and Shootout Requirements

Tied Games:
If the score is tied at the end of three regulation periods, the following shall take place:

1. There shall be a two-minute intermission. (No ice cut)
2. Goalies will switch ends for the overtime period to reflect the 2 nd period “long change” format
3. A five-minute period shall be played.
4. The team that scores first wins and the game is ended. If a goal is not scored in the five-minute period, refer to SECHC rules.
5. 3 on 3 is approved play for the five-minute overtime period. (Refer to **SECHC notes below for additional information).

​3-on-3 OT Note 1:
When regulation time ends and if the teams are 5-on-4, teams will start overtime 4-on-3. Once player strength reaches 4-on-4, at the next stoppage of play, player strength is adjusted to 3-on-3

3-on-3 OT Note 2:
When regulation ends and if the teams are 4-on-4, teams will start overtime 3-on-3.

3-on-3 OT Note 3:
At no time will a team have less than three players on the ice. 

3-on-3 OT Note 4: Each team shall have 1-OT timeout regardless if they used a timeout during regulation
play. Unused regulation play timeouts do not carry over to OT. (Neither team will have 2-OT timeouts)

​The CHF does not recognize Shootouts if no score after the 5-minute OT. However, the SECHC is permitted
to use the Shootout when two SECHC teams remain tied after OT. When two SECHC teams play each other,
the game is reported as a tie to the CHF if no one scores in the 3 on 3, 5-minute OT. If SECHC teams are
playing each other, they will then use a 3-man shootout to determine a winner for SECHC standings only.
SECHC standings use Win-Loss-OTL-SOL. Teams are awarded 2-Points for a win, 0-Points for a regulation
loss, 1-Point for an Overtime loss and 1-Point for a Shootout loss. (As of the 2021-22 season)

**If shoot-out is used, goalies will switch ends returning to their home-bench end.